Golf Entertainment and Hospitality Solutions

Corporate Affiliations

For over 15 years WORLDvantage has empowered individuals and Fortune 500 companies with golf and hospitality services to deliver access to exceptional private clubs with other complimentary travel and leisure benefits.  With a range of solutions, WORLDvantage can be a key partner to your business and clients.

Benefits for those most imporant

Group Membership Programs

WORLDvantage can help your organization with business development, client entertainment, and employee benefits, and more through our golf services and private club access. Assignment and naming of the accounts can be easily controlled. Special program rates are available based on the number of memberships assigned.

Pre-Paid Golf Funds

Golf Entertainment Made Easy

WORLDvantage can provide your company seeking impactful entertainment in the exclusive setting of private clubs with flexible usage options. We offer pre-payment of golf funds where you set the usage and spending rules among the memberships assigned to your employees. They in turn have easy golf entertainment services for your valued clients throughout our nationwide network of private clubs.

For Your Members

Golf Benefits For Your Affinity Group

Have a pre-existing affinity or membership group that needs a golf component? WORLDvantage can be your solution.

  • Golf-only benefits on a license model
  • Complete Membership benefit integration into your existing association
  • Alliance to offer your Members a preferred value invitation to join WORLDvantage that you have arranged for their consideration

Exclusive.  Impactful.  Impressive.

As our Membership in any capacity is exclusively by invitation only we invite you to contact us for an individualized discussion to understand if your business is a good match.

We look forward to working with you and your organization on creating an impactful golf and private club benefit for your business and those most imporant.